Solar car developed by students of Sir Syed University wins laurels

Karachi: The students of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology have developed a Solar Vehicle which won 2nd prize in the recent projects’ exhibition “Karachi Oasis of Harmony’, organized by Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry at the Expo Centre.

The project, prepared by the final year students of Electronic Engineering department, was also awarded a cash prize of Rs 300,000.

The group of students comprised Fahd Khan, Syeda Bibi Kudbano, Farhan Saeed, Asad Saeed, Shafiq Ahmed and Habib Shaukat.

The students gave a demonstration of their wonder car to Engr. Z.A. Nizami, Chancellor SSUET at the University Campus. Mr Nizami also had a ride on the car and toured around the campus.

A number of faculty members and other university staff also gathered on the occasion to witness the remarkable achievement of their students.

Chancellor Z.A. Nizami was highly appreciative of the feat performed and the skill exhibited by the university students and offered them more facilities and funds for producing such innovative projects in days to come.

He described production of solar-run vehicles a need of the hour with fuel prices continuously going up and said this innovative project of SSUET students could be effectively utilized in the commercial sector .

Solar car is a cost-effective, environmental friendly system for transportation which is an electric vehicle powered by solar energy. Photovoltaic cells in solar panels convert sun’s energy directly into electric energy that keeps the car on moving.

The car is fixed with a fully automatic and operational charger to charge the system from 220 v supply. DC motor is used in the system that is controlled by DC drive, based on pulse width modulation technique.

The design of a solar car is severely limited by the amount of energy input into the car and it has the capacity of two persons with speed of 40 km/hr.

The system asks for a password upon ignition and after receiving correct password it enables DC drive to run the system that eventually start the car.

The system is very economical as compared to the gasoline-powered cars, less noisy, more efficient and yet powerful enough to meet our daily requirements.

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