Small traders for their own independent chamber

KARACHI –– Leaders of All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries (APOSTCI) Mehboob Azam, Mehmood Hamid, Abdul Majid and Aslam Bhatti have said that the small traders would not accept a Chamber of Small Traders and Industries under FPPCCI or KCCI.

They said small trader leader Muhammad Umar Selia had floated the idea of a separate chamber for small traders from the platform of APOSTCI.

They said that the demand had been made in order to get the voice of small traders heard at policymaking circles and to get them recognized in government’s offices so as to solve their problems.

APOSTCI leaders demanded of the government to remove hurdles which are in the way of setting up “Small Chamber”.

The leaders refused the proposed Small Chamber under the umbrella of KCCI or FPCCI, saying the solution of problems facing small traders need their own separate chamber, free of any pressure, whether it be political or of big trade tycoons.

They said that thousands of small traders have given a lot of sacrifices for their due rights and they would not compromise on principles.

They demanded of Makhdoom Amin Fahim, federal minister for commerce, to facilitate them setting up the Small Chamber.

They reminded that the National Assembly had approved setting up of the Small Chamber in 2007, but the bureaucracy is reluctant to act upon it.

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