Small and Medium Enterprises cooperation will boost Pakistan, India trade

Karachi: President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali says Pakistan and India can boost bilateral trade by enhancing cooperation between Small & Medium Enterprises SME sectors from both sides.

FPCCI President who recently visited India with Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim, told Indian SME Times that relations between Pakistan and India are moving forward. Business communities and governments are making serious discussions to take relations forward. FPCCI & Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry FICCI feels trade, visa policies should be given much importance. This will be discussed between two governments in future meetings. “It is sad both countries issue visas at district level. No other country issue visas at district level. Only India and Pakistan issue visas at district level, which is very bad. We have to work on this issue.”

Senator Haji Ghulam Ali said both countries’ business communities want to develop good relations and trade also increase. “It is need of hour. The 64 years relationship between Pakistan and India are always tensed. Infrastructure, education, etc., are not that good in both countries. We want two governments to give importance to business communities so that there is decline in poverty and increase in trade volume.”

He said both governments said they will achieve bilateral trade to $6 billion from present $2.7 billion. “Once things are finalized in November meeting we will be able to tell how we can achieve $6 billion target. As of now, talks are going on. Till now trade between two countries is not done directly. It happens through Dubai or some other country. It reaches via a different route, which is not direct. This is non-tariff barriers we are facing while performing trading activities between two countries. We discussed these issues in our meeting with Indian Commerce, Industry, Textile Minister Anand Sharma during visit to India.”

Senator Ghulam Ali was quoted by SME Times as saying that Pakistan business community has decided to give MFN status to India. “In WTO, we will try to sort out things so that business communities can come closer. In mid-November, meeting at secretaries level will also discuss, bring solutions to these issues. We request our Indian counterparts to bring together around 200 business delegation as we brought to India, which will help strengthen relationship further.”

“Negative lists will be over. We will do away with negative lists. We decided every year we will bring it down. We are trying to find out how many items are there in negative lists. Today, we have around 2000 items in positive lists and rest in negative. Except leaving out gun, gun-powder, and some other items, we can allow trading of rest of items. Today, it has become a global village. Business communities, they usually source products from places where they think they are getting profit. We are discussing this issue, will bring down negative lists and increase positive lists.” FPCCI President said “if we concentrate on SMEs. India and Pakistan can get into Joint Ventures or can also shift technology in this segment. If SMEs work collaboratively, it will help growth in bilateral trade.”

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