Sialkot earns 1.2b dollars annually from sports, leather products

SIALKOT: Sialkot has been known as Pakistan’s largest Sports and Leather goods producing city along with leather related industries, textile, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries. It earns 1.2 billion dollars annually to add to the contribute to the national exchequer.

According to detail, there are over 264 tanneries, 244 leather garments/products manufacturing units, 900 leather sports good manufacturing units are scattered in and around the city. A total of 52 million litres per day of waste water along with 1.1 million wastes from tanneries is discharged into Nullah Aik and Pulkhu, sewerage drains, ponds and open agricultural lands from Sialkot city.

According to different estimate each tannery in Sialkot district generates 547-814 m3/day volume of wastewater. The Sialkot city and industrial units have no wastewater treatment facilities. This large volume of industrial and urban waste has been considered the major threat to ground and surface waters of the study area. Quality of the ground water – main source of drinking and irrigation is getting deteriorated due to untreated discharge of industrial and urban effluent and chemical substances in agriculture.

The untreated industrial process water, irresponsible dumping of the solid and sludge waste has become the deadliest threat for the health and safety of the people living in the areas directly effected by such practices.

The drinking water in the area contains highly volumes of arsenic, sulphates and chromium and by any standard this is not fit for drinking by the human beings and animals. Though it is fatal in its essential characteristics yet it is being used for irrigation to become a part of the food chain for human beings and even for the livestock to eventually play havoc with the life and health of the voiceless souls living here.

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