Senior Officers of Federal and Provincial Services from National Management College Lahore Visit Parliament House

Islamabad: A group of Senior Officers of the Federal and Provincial Services, Allied Officers of friendly Countries and Armed Forces from National School of Public Policy and National Management College, Lahore visited the Parliament House, today.

The Joint Secretary (Legislation) Muhammad Latif Qureshi, briefed the participants about the constitutional history of Pakistan as well as composition working and functioning of the National Assembly and its Standing Committees. He apprised the participants that supreme function of the National Assembly was making Law in respect of matters enumerated in federal legislative list.

While briefing about the importance of the Standing Committees he said that the Committee System of National Assembly of Pakistan was one or the best in the World. He said that Standing Committees have the power to review the performance of each ministry and its attached department to achieve the goal of good governance.

He also apprised the participants about the election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, ascertainment of Leader of the House and appointment of the Leader of the Opposition. He also explained them the duties and responsibilities of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

Replaying a Question about the role women parliamentarians he said that there were 77 women members in the present National Assembly out of those 60 were elected on reserved seats for women while 17 were elected though general elections and their role in the Business of the House is commendable.

After details briefing he also responded the various questions raised by the participants. The Dean of the National School of Public Policy thanked the Joint Secretary (Legislation) for giving the details briefing on the Parliament and its activities. Director General (PR), D.S (L) and senior officers were also present on the occasion.

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