SECP registered 271 companies during December 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered 271 companies during the month of December 2011.

A total of 3,596 companies were registered during the calendar year 2011 as compared to 3,137 during 2010, reflecting an increase of 15%. These companies constitute 3,239 private companies, 28 public unlisted companies, 255 single member companies, 51 not-for-profit association, 15 foreign companies, 5 trade organizations and 3 companies limited by guarantee.

During December 2011, private companies have the highest share in new incorporation totalling 239 followed by 20 single member companies, five public unlisted companies, three not-for-profit associations and foreign companies, each, and a trade organization.

Of the three foreign companies, two are from Turkey and the USA and have been registered in Islamabad, while a foreign company from Netherlands is registered in Karachi. Foreign investment by nationals from China is witnessed in three new local companies in the auto and allied, mineral, and services sectors and by nationals from Singapore and Afghanistan in two new local companies in tourism and communications sectors.

The sector-wise position shows that the trading sector has the highest new incorporations with 39 companies, followed by services with 35, hajj and umrah services with 20, education with 14, construction and information technology with 13 each, communications with 12, tourism with 11, and food and beverages with 10.

Company Registration Office (CRO), Lahore registered the highest number of companies, i.e., 88 followed by CROs Islamabad and Karachi registering 78 and 67 companies, respectively. Remaining CROs at Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and Faisalabad registered 17, 10, 7 and four companies respectively.

The authorized capital and paid up capital of 271 companies, is Rs4.53 billion and Rs475.06 million, respectively. During the month, 19 companies increased their authorized capital with the aggregate authorized capital increment of Rs1.57 billion and 42 companies raised their paid up capital with the total paid up capital increment amounting to Rs3.15 billion.

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