Second Meeting of High Level Energy Committee

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Islamabad: Second meeting of the committee formed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the energy sector issues was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Finance and attended by Ministers of Water and Power, Petroleum and Natural Resources and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission. Representatives from the MoWP, Planning Commission, NEPRA, FBR and Economic Reform Unit (ERU), attended the meeting to facilitate the committee to resolve the crises being faced by the energy sector.

The committee deliberated in depth on the current state of power sector especially financial aspect including circular debt. The committee discussed various options to mitigate the financial crunch in power sector and decided to further analyze these options. The committee decided that there is a need to resolve the matters regarding tariff determination and notification. The committee reiterated resolve to improve efficiency of power sector through improved management and introduction of corporate governance.

Committee decided to engage with all stake holders including IPPs, BoDs and management of DISCOs/GENCOs, KESC and private sector representatives. Committee decided to continue meetings in the following days.

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