Saudi minister of media launches Hajj Media Plan

Saudi Minister of Media Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad launched the Kingdom’s Media Plan and the official website for Hajj 1439 (2018) on Thursday, in the presence of representatives of government agencies and media outlets.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, Al-Awwad thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their generous support to enable the ministry and the relevant government agencies to serve the guests of God He also praised the efforts of the other parties participating in the Hajj season for their cooperation to make this pilgrimage a success

The minister said that the ministry is hosting more than 800 prominent international journalists representing the largest media organizations to cover the Hajj rituals and highlight them professionally in proportion to the status of Hajj and its value in the hearts of Muslims around the world. He added that the ministry produced 60 videos reflecting the Kingdom’s creative and innovative efforts to facilitate the performance of the Hajj rituals.

The ministry has made available the information centers in the Holy sites. These centers are equipped with the latest technologies for the media coverage of the rituals and conducting interviews with senior guests. The Hajj 1439AH website,, offers its services in Arabic and English to be the main media source for all Hajj works and activities.

Al-Awwad affirmed that the ministry is keen to host all TV channels wishing to broadcast this great event through the creation of infrastructure for satellite channels, international news agencies and the various media outlets. He pointed out that the media centers will provide live images and full information and data on Saudi Arabia’s expansion achievements of the two Holy Mosques, development of the surrounding urban areas and the huge constructions in the holy sites to facilitate the performance of the rituals for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

The media minister said that dozens of Saudi journalists, editors, photographers and designers will provide support to Arab and foreign journalists participating in the Hajj coverage. He pointed out the ministry’s communication center will oversee the implementation of the Hajj media plan and coordinate the efforts among the participating agencies to ensure the unification of the media messages and transfer of the true picture of the Kingdom’s service to the pilgrims. He added that the ministry’s international communication center will coordinate the efforts of international coverage of the Hajj, communicate with international media institutions and broadcast live information and data in foreign languages throughout the Hajj season.

During the event, a video clip of Saudi Arabia’s media plan for Hajj 1439AH was presented to show the objectives of the plan focusing on the transfer of the true image of the Kingdom by highlighting its great efforts in serving the guest of Al-Rahman. The video also showed the initiatives and strategies included in the plan, most notably the new identity and the slogan of Hajj 1439 AH “The World in the Heart of the Kingdom”, the media strategy for Hajj and its implementation mechanisms.

For his part, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Media and Director General of the Government Communication Center Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Mughlout said the media plan for the Hajj season 1439AH, under the supervision of the Ministry of Media, aims to provide the best picture of the pioneering Islamic role played by Saudi Arabia, as well as highlighting the Kingdom’s civilization achievements in the two Holy Mosques and its provision of full services to the pilgrims from every corner of the world. He added that the ministry has provided the latest media technologies to help the international media institutions to convey the bright picture of the pilgrimage to the world and make a difference in sound and image quality.

Source: International Islamic News Agency