SAARC countries agreed on SAARC Anti-Corruption Forum, Chairman NAB

The representatives of anti-corruption authorities of SAARC countries on Tuesday agreed on the proposal of Pakistan especially NAB for creating of SAARC Anti-Corruption Forum (SAARC-AFC) to interact on regular basis for deliberating anti-corruption issues and other areas of mutual cooperation for the purpose. The proposal to create the forum was floated by Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Qamar Zaman Chaudhry which was agreed by all SAARC countries at a two-day SAARC Nations Seminar on Anti-Corruption that concluded here a at a local on Tuesday.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Chairman NAB read out a joint declaration in which the participants resolved to work collectively to find out the causes of corruption in South Asia and identify the ways to reducing and eradicating corruption from the South Asian societies.

They agreed to share the experiences, expertise, tools and techniques among the SAARC Member States to identify the corruption and corrupt practices and their eradication from the South Asian region.

The participants proposed to initiate programmes for the capacity building of the personnel of the Anti-Corruption Authorities of the SAARC Member countries. They held thorough discussion on the following issues in the plenary sessions: Awareness (Education) and Prevention, Enforcement (Investigation) and Prosecution, International Cooperation, Asset Recovery and Technical Assistance and Information sharing.

The participants agreed for joint efforts at SAARC platform for creating public awareness among the masses in South Asia. They also agreed to initiate formulating the Guidelines to govern SAARC-AFC in consultation with and approval of their respective governments.

Chairman NAB while appreciating the insights from member states said that during the two-day activity, the anti-corruption authorities of participating countries had a good opportunity to know and discuss issues of corruption in detail. We’ve commonality of issues and discussed in detail how to tackle the issue of corruption jointly, he said.

He said SAARC states needed a programme to regularly interact with each other for making the region corruption free adding that NAB was forthcoming to extend all sort of support for the purpose. SAARC countries appreciated efforts of Chairman NAB for curbing corruption from the country.

At the end, SAARC appreciated NAB’s efforts under the leadership of Mr. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry and said that Pakistan is role model for SAARC countries in eradication of corruption as according to them Pakistan is the only country in SAARC whose Corruption Perception Index (CPI) according to Transparency International in 2014 decreased from 175 to 126 and in 2015, Pakistan’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) decreased from 126 to 117 which is a record achievement.

Source: National Accountability bureau