Rs43-million project for revival of stone carving

TAXILA: The Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) has planned a Rs43 million project for the revival of dying crafts, especially black stone carving, through promotion of modern designs in Taxila.

The project director of “Design development and value addition in stone crafts at Taxila”, Ahmed Farooq, while talking to newsmen here on Monday said the project would focus on the design, value addition and product development of stone crafts. It will help create an enabling environment for the private sector through marketing of products which can in turn spur economic activities and employment generation.

The project is designed to offer services to the local artisans by providing technical and advisory services. He said the main objective of the project was to develop innovative designs for the stone artifacts and supervise the local artisans in developing diversified crafts for local and international markets.

Responding a question, Mr Farooq said finished products would be displayed at all the PSIC outlets, adding the PSIC was targeting Europe, US, Far-East Asia and other regions through the project.

Talking to this correspondent, Khalid Iqbal, the regional director of PSIC, said Taxila was known around the world for its creative and unique black stone craftsmanship. He said due to social and economic factors this art was dying.

In reply to a question, he said the project would also offer better prospects to the artisans’ families. This endeavour will also help improve the quality of the products and its marketing both at local and international levels thereby enhancing the employment opportunities in the sector, he added.

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