Resolution of Kashmir Issue a Must for Friendship Between Pakistan and India Friday, 24th February, 2012

Islamabad: Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazl ur Rahman has said that the Indian leaders who visit Pakistan call for peace and amity between Pakistan and India. Recently, Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma was in Pakistan.

He urged to expand trade and strengthen the relations between the two countries. He also promised to resolve the issue of Kashmir and water. The Minister further stated, if Pakistan takes a step forward, India will respond by taking three steps.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that other Indian leaders who visited Pakistan in the past had also expressed the similar views. Presently, there is movement of “Aman Asha”, whereunder good hopes about future relations between the two neighbours are being expressed. The delegation of Indian Speaker Meira Kumar have also expressed noble ideas and hopes for peace and friendship between India and Pakistan.

Maulana Fazl ur Rahman said that we appreciate the noble sentiments and wishes of the Indian leaders. It is also a fact that for the last 64 years the Indian leaders, including their Prime Ministers, have called for friendship between the two countries. But our relations remained volatile, because Kashmir is a core issue which India is not resolving.

The ‘Composite Dialogue’ was started about 15 years ago and many subjects have been discussed and actioned. However, the matter of Kashmir has not as yet been touched even. Needless to emphasize that durable peace in the South Asia is not possible without resolving the Kashmir dispute. How can there be peace when Kashmiris are being butchered and women raped?, he asked.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee observed that he would like to assure the Indian leaders that Pakistanis harboured similar sentiments of love, friendship and peace for the Indian people. However, the issue of Kashmir must be resolved for peace in the region.

Therefore, the Indian leaders and public should pressure their government to resolve the issue. He called upon the Indian leaders to constitute a Kashmir Committee in their Parliament, so that the Pakistani Kashmir Committee could have an interaction with it for resolution of the issue.

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