Punjab Chief Minister addresses at E-Stamp papers launch ceremony

Lahore, December 26, 2016 (PPI-OT):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that the government is speedily moving towards e-governance and after land record management information system, e-stamp papers system has been launched in 144 tehsils of the province. He said that the new system is a revolutionary step of Punjab government for elimination of corruption and forgery. He said that 70-years old system of judicial and non-judicial stamp papers has been replaced with the new system in the province. He said that the new system will result in elimination of forgery and fraud and ensure easy access to data.

He said that e-stamp papers will also put an end to the practice of issuance of stamp papers in back dates and the problems of the people regarding correct evaluation of their properties will be resolved. Shehbaz Sharif said that modern technology will also be introduced in education, health, police and other sectors. He said that modern information system is will also be implemented in hospitals which will ensure attendance of doctors and paramedical staff as well as control misappropriation of medicines.

The Chief Minister expressed these views while addressing a ceremony with regard to launching of e-stamp papers at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park, here today. He said that it is another important day in the history of Punjab as the system of e-stamp papers has been introduced in all districts of the province. He said that under the new system, people will be able to obtain stamp papers within 15 minutes instead of three days and they will not have to pay frequent visits of offices and banks.

He said that hospitals have an obsolete system of attendance but the hospital managements have no objection but they are opposing the modern system. He said that Punjab government is introducing modern information system in hospitals. He requested managements to hospitals, surgeons, doctors, paramedics and YDA to accept the new system. He said that opposition to e-register is no service to ailing humanity. He asked medical community to adopt the modern system as it will eliminate misappropriation of drugs besides ensuring attendance in hospitals for the benefit of patients.

He said that absence of medical staff resulting in pain and sufferings to the patients cannot be tolerated. He said that this system has to be changed. The Chief Minister said that the new system will be enforced in hospitals and no power on earth can stop it. He said that media is discharging its responsibilities efficiently but a handful of blackmailers are presenting a wrong picture of the country. He said that these elements should also inform how much efforts the government is making to reform the system and put an end to corruption.

He said that plea bargain of NAB is a fraud and it had been introduced by dictator Musharraf who toppled democracy. He said that a wrong deed cannot be justified through backdoor. He said that there is plea bargain system also in civilized societies but the corrupt elements are punished and they have to face imprisonment. Shehbaz Sharif said that through plea bargain only a small amount is recovered from the elements embezzling billions and trillions of rupees and Balochistan case is an example. He said that elimination of the system of plea bargain is the need of the hour.

The Chief Minister further said that through e-stamp papers, the old system has been done away with under which the poor were deprived of their right through issuance of stamp papers in back dates. He said that Punjab government has taken a historic step by introducing e-stamp papers. He said that though some resistance was shown to the system but the Punjab government has successfully implemented the system. He said that provincial ministers, Dr. Umer Saif, Chief Secretary, Senior Member Board of Revenue and the whole team working on the project deserve all out credit.

He also thanked State Bank of Pakistan for the success of this system. He said that putting an end to corruption is a service to the nation and collective efforts will have to be made to eliminate this menace. He said that the obsolete system under which the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer will have to be checked. He said that if a positive revolution is not brought about in the country, no one will be able to stop a bloody revolution. He said that due to e-stamp papers, revenue recovery has increased by 33 percent and had the new system not been there, this money would have gone into the pockets of corrupt elements.

Shehbaz Sharif said that no society can progress without justice but unfortunately justice is sold in police stations and katcheries. He said that justice is essential for progress and development. He said that Punjab government has taken positive measures for the provision of social and economic justice and modern technology is being promoted for this purpose. He expressed the hope that time will come when destiny of Pakistan will change and the country will be able to achieve a respectable status in the comity of nations.

Provincial Ministers Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Ata Manika, Advisor Dr. Umer Saif, Senior Member Board of Revenue and Deputy Governor of the State Bank also addressed the ceremony. Provincial Ministers, Members Assembly, Chief Secretary, IT experts, columnists and a large number of boy and girl students were present. The Chief Minister presented shields to those who completed the new system of e-stamp system whereas Dr. Umer Saif presented a souvenir to the chief minister.

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