Programme on Taameer-e-Pakistan Mein Talba Ka Kirdar at Punjab University

Lahore: Punjab University Directorate of Students Affairs organized a special programme on “Taameer-e-Pakistan Mein Talba Ka Kirdar” here at the Faisal Auditorium, New Campus on Thursday. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran presided over while eminent scholar Prof Ahmad Rafiq Akhtar known as “Jogi” especially addressed the thousands of students on the occasion.

Registrar Prof Dr Muhammad Akhtar, Director Student Affairs Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry, senior faculty members, administrative officers and a large number of students were also present on the occasion.

In his address, Prof Ahmad Rafiq Akhtar said finding a clear path to Islam, regardless of various wrong ideologies, was direly need of the hour. He said tasawwaf was the name of high honesty in knowledge and freedom from inner complications. He said the will to get a strong link with Almighty Allah was called tasawwaf.

He said we would have to make first and foremost preference of our mind to find Allah otherwise we could not find Him. He said Islam was a complete religion and we should promote it whole-heartedly. He urged the need to follow the teachings of Islam, conveyed to us 1500 years ago.

He said one of the reasons of our downfall in the world was weakness of faith. He said greatest threat to Islam was from the people who were trying to prove teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) as obsolete (Nauzu Billah). He said unfortunately we forgo our mistakes but advise others. Prof Rafiq Akhtar said starting opportunities were equally available to all of us to gain a spot in spiritual world.

He said education aimed at self-recognition and after the first step of self-recognition, one moved forward to find Allah. He said unfortunately lots of incidents were fabricated to misguide people that accept Allah without reason.

He said Allah had named us Muslims and we should not recognize ourselves by sects. He said beauty of humanity lied in the element of change. He said after industrial revolution in Europe, the continent felt into bad moral conditions because no teacher was there.

Earlier, VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said Almighty Allah had blessed Prof Ahmad Rafiq with lots of intellectual and spiritual capabilities. Renowned people of the country were followers of Prof Rafiq and he had strong grip to speak on any topic.

He advised the students that the world was a battlefield and only that nation survived and progressed which prepare itself for collision materialistically and spiritually. He said the universe was huge and we should look into its mysteries. He also advised them to be habitual of knowledge-seeking as Allah don’t like them who was not seeking knowledge.

In the end, Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry thanked the guests and said it was fortunate that a seminar on such an important topic had been arranged for the students at the commencement of current academic year.

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