Prime Minister urges French businessmen invest in Pakistan for tremendous dividends

Paris –– Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani urged French businessmen not to fall for propaganda on Pakistan’s security situation and invest in diverse sectors for tremendous dividends.

Talking to heads of multi-national companies, French and Pakistani businessmen at Mouvement des Entreprises de France office Wednesday, he said perception about Pakistan did not match with on-ground situation. Western media should not portray negative image but focus on real picture of challenges which Pakistan is facing while fighting terrorism, extremism. French businessmen should visit to see foreign companies working in the country under secure conditions.

“Pakistan needs support of entire world in understanding situation that its economy is greatly affected due to its fight with terrorism. No war can be won without us. We are fighting for peace, prosperity of whole world. The world should reciprocate in realizing our problems,” he stressed.

Gilani said Pakistan is front line state and paid heavy price by sacrificing thousands of innocent lives. The world has forgotten burden of millions of Afghan refugees still in Pakistan, with almost 40,000 crossing border daily. “We fully understand impact as one single bomb blast led to flight of capital. We seek support of the world particularly its neighbours to formulate mechanism to fight against terrorism. We desire Afghanistan to be peaceful, stable, secure, willing to work with United States and Afghanistan to find solution.”

Total Group company representative said it was investing in Pakistan for last 15 years with 9,000 local people working and willing to expand its operations. He felt corporate tax of 0.5% on total investment was a deterrent in investment. Prime Minister assured Pakistan would try to do all despite constraints. Loreal company representative spoke of high taxes and called for duty cuts to give incentives to investors.

Chairman Pakistan Business Council Kamran Mirza said security condition was exaggerated fact as it was not hampering production of foreign companies in Pakistan. Habib Bank President Zakir Mehmood urged French investors to go for systemic issues rather than random events in Pakistan. He said visit by investors will indicate reality was different than negative perception.

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