Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed US-Pakistan Business Council luncheon gathering on sidelines of 71 UNGA Session

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has invited business leaders, and investors communities in United States to take lead in harnessing the tremendous potential for deepening trade and investment links with Pakistan. He was addressing a luncheongathering of U.S.-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC) and U.S. Chamber of Commerce in New York attended by prominent American business and industry leaders. While speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister highlighted the economic developments in the country and Pakistan’s burgeoning partnerships with international markets and financial institutions. He underlined the Government’s economic reform and revival policies implemented over the past three years that had turned around the economy, mitigated the energy crisis, and greatly improved the business climate in the country. He said that his Government was determined to strengtheningtrade and investment linkages with the United States and private sector of both countries could play an important role to that end.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Sharif noted that the country’s stable economic situation over last three years formed the basis for a sustainable economic growth trajectory, which was duly acknowledged by international financial institutions and monitoring agencies.

The Prime Minister also drew attention of the business community to his government’s people-centered initiatives and development agenda,that offered enormous investment opportunities to international investors.

He apprised the meeting about the remarkable improvement in the security situation in the country and Government’s firm commitment to rid the country of the remnants of terrorism. He underscored that the improved security situation had engendered a great deal of investor interest and enthusiasm.

The Prime Minister emphasized that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was a testament to the friendly investment climate in the country and argued that CPEC was aimed at transforming the entire region into an economic and business hub.

Prime Minister Sharif invited business and industry leaders to seize the moment in availing the tremendous new possibilities and opportunities that existed in the country towards enhancing the economic content of Pak-US bilateral ties.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs