Prime Minister dedicate three gas fields for CNG Industry, HCNG to import immediately with zero import duty

Peshawar: A delegation of All Pakistan CNG Association met with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani on Wednesday in Islamabad. Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha and Syed Fayyaz Gillani led the delegation. Prime Minister was given a detailed briefing about CNG gas load shedding, gas pricing & Tax/CESS Issues.

The Delegation briefed the PM about NGV checking campaign, a drive-out plan for CNG crises and recommendation for introduction of Hydrogen CNGHCNG.

Prime Minister Gillani accepted all the APCNGA recommendations and proposals and issued immediate orders and directives on some matters. Prime Minister ordered to implement 3rd January decision including roll-back of FIRs on APCNGA leaders, reduction in Gas load shedding for CNG sector, reduction in tax and no further taxes and other issues.

He ordered to start work immediately from tomorrow for the NGV safety checking campaign according to APCNGA plan.

Prime Minister ordered that the gas fields which only can be used by CNG sector e.g. Shell, Dormant & Flair gas; should be dedicated to CNG industry and ordered to import HCNG at zero import duty to fill 20% gas demand of CNG vehicles. Prime Minister said that CNG sector is playing a vital role in Pakistan’s economy and government will resolve its issues on priority.

The recommendation for a comprehensive gas crises drive out plan of APCNGA was also accepted by Prime Minister and he passed orders for consultation with APCNGA to implement this plan.

APCNGA delegation was consisted of zonal chairman of KPK Pervaiz Khattak, Pothohar zone Abid Hayat, Tariq Afsar of Hazara zone, SVC Punjab Amir Shahzad and all the regional chairmen with CC members.

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