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Karachi, May 30, 2012 (PPI-OT): The way you treat your vehicle says a lot about what kind of driver you are. At Shell we know that drivers who are proud of how their car runs, should have access to products that ensure performance.

That’s why Shell has developed Shell Helix E that cares for your car on the inside and out. Shell is proud to announce the launch of new Shell Helix Synthetic Motor Oils, which have the highest API specifications in Pakistan.

Shell is launching these new products across Pakistan to ensure consumers are aware of these new products in the market. As part of this launch we have introduced two new fuel efficient products: Shell Helix Ultra E and Shell Helix HX 7 E. Both Shell Helix E products have been developed through our technical partnership with Ferrari and give your engine maximum performance. We have also upgraded our Shell Helix HX 5 to a synthetic grade, which now exceeds the API SN/CF classification.

Shell Helix E is one of the most innovative engine oils, formulated with the latest engine lubricants technology to increase fuel economy. It ensures your car performs at its full potential, giving you a smooth and fuel efficient ride you can be proud of.

Shell Helix Ultra E removes up to five times more dirt and sludge, protects up to three times better and reduces up to twice as much engine wear than normal mineral oils1. It doesn’t only clean and combat wear: thanks to its low viscosity, friction reducing molecules and Active Cleansing Technology, you could get up to 352 kms2 extra a year from your motor oil, per year of fuel.

The end result is a motor oil that works harder to reduce friction, helps improve the efficiency of your engine and contributes to savings in your tank and wallet. The technology behind Shell Helix Ultra E helps motorists save fuel and drive further. Whether on a short trip or longer journey, drivers can count on Shell Helix Ultra E to care for their engine and deliver car performance they can be proud of.

Shell Helix HX7 E can improve engine efficiency by providing up to 1.8% more fuel economy compared with a 15W-40 mineral oil. Shell Helix HX7 E Motor Oil’s special active cleansing agents increases engine efficiency by keeping the engine clean so oil can flow more quickly to where it is needed and improve access to surfaces, so that the engine is better protected.

Shell Helix HX5 contains special Active Cleansing Technology that helps engines operate efficiently for a smoother and quieter drive. The oil in a clean engine can flow more quickly to where it is needed and has improved access to surfaces, so that the engine is better protected. Shell Helix HX5 goes on delivering its benefits throughout the oil-change interval. Thank you for your support in the launch of this new and improved Shell Helix Synthetic Range.

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