Power distribution companies ink pacts with US government

ISLAMABAD: All the nine government-owned power distribution companies (Discos) entered into agreements with the US government on Monday to collaborate on improving energy supply to consumers.

Under the agreements, the United States will help Discos generate more revenue to pay for energy production, reduce losses in power distribution from the producer to the consumer and make the power supply more reliable.

A USAid $60 million power distribution programme will train thousands of Disco specialists to improve maintenance of the distribution lines, collection of bills, customer services, management and other aspects of Discos operations.

USAid will also help Discos modernise equipment, provide expert consultations and support the introduction of various international best practices to ensure a more reliable supply of power to consumers.

In addition to improved energy distribution, USAid is also helping the government of Pakistan to restore and increase its energy production capacity and to introduce long-term energy sector reforms.

‘Every customer wants a reliable and sufficient power supply. By improving the collection of energy bills, Discos will have more money to pay for power generation, thus reducing load-shedding in the country, said John Morgan, director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) energy office, speaking at the signing ceremony. Similarly, reduced losses will translate to more reliable power supply and fewer unscheduled outages,’ added Mr Morgan.

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