Political turmoil affecting exports: Zulfikar Thaver

Karachi, August 08, 2014 (PPI-OT): Being badly affected by the political turmoil the country is facing and the protest marches announced by the opposition the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has urged the former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari to intervene impartially and resolve the dispute between the different parties and organizations before 14th August the auspicious independent day of the country to enable joint celebration by all.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said the agitations are reflecting badly on the overseas buyers who are unwilling to come to Pakistan to finalize orders for the Christmas and New Year buying which is done in August for September/October shipments.

The exporters were unable to accept orders due to exchange rate prevailing in the last few months and gradually the buyers accepted the revised rate and now is the time to recover losses due to fresh orders. Unfortunately instead of encouragement the exporters are being made the victims and they are suffering.

Political differences need to be resolved politically and not by protest causing the exports to suffer and disrupting business. All important ministries are involved in answering charges and allegations whereas important ministries of planning, finance, commerce, industries and production need to remain focused on their agendas. The efficiency of the government has fallen as it is merely concentrating on the ways and means to overcome the situation.

He said it is very painful that the political leaders are not showing maturity and instead of engaging in dialogue are resorting to uncalled for long marches and planning street protest causing irreparable loss to the country in terms of bringing disrepute and losing business.

The SMEs are more perturbed as every single day matters to them in terms of production and sales and in this competitive world orders are secured with great difficulties. Disturbances damages their business and their schedules are disturbed, their overheads increase causing loss of production and increases cost of finance.

He said it is very important that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari and other opposition parties join hands to bring about a peaceful solution to the dispute without loss of time.

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