PM invites proposals to launch corporate farming


Prime Minister Imran Khan has sought proposals from industrialists to launch corporate farming at larger scale for modernizing the agriculture sector and enhancing production of various crops.

Talking to Pakistan’s leading industrialists in Islamabad, he said the national development and prosperity is linked with the development of business community.

The Prime Minister said the government has included the proposals of industrialists in policy-making, which have started producing good results.

He directed to resolve problems being faced by the industrialists in exporting their goods.

The delegation thanked the Prime Minister and said the government patronage to business activities has started yielding positive results.

They said foreign exchange reserves have reached to the highest level, which reflects the country’s economic stability whereas the surplus current account is also a welcome sign.

The delegation apprised the Prime Minister that demand of cement is at the highest level in the country’s history due to the promotion of construction activities.

They industrialists expressed confidence in the government’s policies and presented proposals for further improvement of the economy.


Source: Radio Pakistan