Pakistan’s overall power generation during 2011-16 expected to increase by 143GW

Karachi: Pakistan’s overall power generation is expected to increase by an annual average of 3.98%, reaching 119.7TWh. Driving this growth is annual 7.00% gain in hydroelectric use and a 4.08% rise in gas-fired generation, offsetting the expected stagnation in oil-fired generation and augmenting a sub-2.00% increase in coal-fired electricity supply.

A report says unless power production capacity is increased by 143GW in a phased manner by 2030, it will not be possible for the country to sustain higher growth rates in the long run. Pakistan is looking for US$8bn of private power project investment to meet its medium-term target.

The country has huge potential for wind power, with the United States estimating 130GW of wind potential. Pakistan also has major hydro-electric potential of an estimated 42GW, but currently boasts only 7.5GW of installed capacity.

There is vast untapped hydro and renewable capacity available, but it remains to be seen if the investment commitment is available. In the meantime, gas-fired generation should grow steadily, backed up by coal-fuelled power.

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