Pakistan Software Houses Association Speaker Series on Product Strategy – the 5 Hacks for Success

Karachi: P@SHA arranged for an interactive session on Product Strategy with Shuja Keen this month in Lahore and Karachi (the Lahore session was held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 and the Karachi session was held on May 5, 2012).

Shuja Keen, who is a graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is an entrepreneur and product strategist based in San Francisco. He is a Board member of TRG Customer Solutions, Digital Globe Services and iSky, Inc.

The talk spanned the concept of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), foraying into the aspect of distribution.

Keen’s reference point for the purpose of this discussion was the Pakistani entrepreneur and all the advantages and disadvantages that came attached with their cultural and economic context.

At one point he highlighted the advantage of lower overheads saying, “if you look at the Pakistani entrepreneur, you would see, lean is in our DNA”.

1. Provide User Experience

Giving the customer a unique and appealing experience which draws him/her towards the product is essential.

2. Focus on Actionable Metrics

It is not enough to follow what Keen calls ‘vanity numbers’. Statistics like number of downloads for an app, for instance, have restricted utility, which is not conducive to product improvement. It is more useful to follow the segment of audience which is not favouring adoption; to find out why and enhance your offering accordingly. Being data-centric can spell the difference between success and failure.

3. How to Increase Distribution

Technology has provided you with portals to widen your reach and increase your distribution. Social media platforms are still underused but powerful tools which can help expand your reach.

4. Make Friends

Networking, networking and networking! Your social circle can be leveraged as the most useful aid, merely because there is so much knowledge out there and so much skill that can be procured merely through a good conversation. Keen emphasized that your focus should be on what YOU can do for people.

5. Sustainable Infrastructure

Employee retention plays an important role in infrastructure sustainability. Employees’ loyalty can be attained through several means – money alone serves for a very unstable driver of loyalty and is easily imitable. To keep your employees loyal and retain them, one needs to get creative with benefits that generate a sense of ownership. Employee stock options are one such tool, a trend that is still not as widely adopted by entrepreneurs as desirable.

The talk closed with an interactive Q and A session, with people sharing personal experiences as well for each other’s knowledge and benefit.

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