Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) – With the Support of IPDC (UNESCO) Producing News and Current Affairs Program: Gender Sensitive Reporting May 26-28-2012

Abbottabad: Participants and the speakers of a 3-day workshop have said that independent role of the media to overcome the critical social issues relating to different discrimination was need of the hour.  They observed that Radio could play an effective role in highlighting the issues of common people. Radio has access to those areas where TV channels, newspapers and even electricity were unreachable.

The observation was raised at a concluding session of three-days training workshop titled “Producing News and Current Affairs Programs” organized by the Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) with the support of IPDC, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at a local hotel of Abbotabad from May 26 to 28, 2012.

Three females (one from Bajur and 1 from D.I. Khan, the remote areas) among 21 radio professionals, including broadcasters, reporters and editors, from different parts of the KPK province and FATA attended the workshop.

Participants said that Media particularly radio can play pivotal role in minimizing various problems from the society. They further added that young media professionals to use the medium of radio, which was very powerful than any other medium of journalism, to build public opinion on the important issues.

Participants come with consensus that News was “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events” and “a broadcast or published report”. They said that news should be factual, Impartial, balanced, without personal views and version of concerned parties should be included. The Journalists should avoid becoming the spokesperson of any party or group.

They said radio was the whole story of voice and one had to show the event with his/her voice to the listener. The version should be recorded properly as it can be used at time of airing.

Participants said Journalists should be aware of defamation law, contempt of court and articles of the constitution, related to freedom of press, access to information and freedom of expression.

Participants said that the revival of the training institutes within the media houses was need of the hour to promote the rich values of responsible, impartial and independent media and that the young media professionals were exposed to great challenges as the rich values were becoming non-existent despite the fact that the media, particularly the electronic medium, had boomed in recent years.

Trainer, Mr. Masud Alam expressed the hope that the young radio professionals could perform very important role in high lighting public importance issues.

Practical exercises and group activities were conducted during three days workshop.

Radio professionals, including broadcasters, reporters and editors, who completed the workshop, expressed the hope to utilize the basic and advanced techniques learnt during the course while performing their routine tasks.

Participants prepared 20 news packages and four packages of Current Affairs Program during three days of workshop. Participants demonstrated the recording and editing exercises as well.

Later, the chief guest Ms. Asmat Khattak of PTI and Mr. Aamir Shahzad Jadoon, former president press club Abbotabad and editor of Daily Sarhad News gave away certificates to the participants.

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