Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research calls for probe into fire disaster at Keamari Town Flood Relief Camp

Karachi: Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) has condemned the fire incident, which erupted in the tent city of the flood affected families near Musharraf Colony, Keamari Town on Tuesday afternoon, destroying 700 tents out of total 800. The affected families belonging to Qambar-Shahdadkot, Shikarpur, Kashmore and other districts of northern Sindh province. They shifted there during the flood hit the province and found the place safe to live near coastal area.

On this Labour Day the families of agriculture workers have become destitute another time after 2010 floods.

Karamat Ali, Executive Director of PILER demanded inquiry into the incident and punish them as per the law, because, he said, these affected families were reportedly facing threats by certain people. He said the fire has put the flood victims vulnerable to face another disaster.

These people should be compensated as per their loss and be given alternative place so they may live protected life.

Majority of the people could not get government’s Wattan cards announced by the government for 2010 flood victims as well as other relief facilities. They started life through cheaper labour in urban centres and now they have lost everything again.

PILER head demanded the government to announce a special package and support for the victim families so they may live a safe life.

He said these people were brought to Karachi and Hyderabad at the time of floods on a commitment by the government that they would be provided shelter and support in these cities. Unfortunately, majority of them were left without any support from the government.

Gulsher Khoso, a flood victim belonging to Qambar-Shahdadkot district complained that they have been staying there since the flood-2010 hit their native areas. They came there empty handed for the safety like hundreds of thousands of other families who travelled to other areas during the disaster. They started life with searching cheaper wages but for the last few months they were facing threats from influential persons of the area, asking to leave the land or face tyranny.

All the males were out when some people came and pushed the families to face another disaster. They took their children to save them, leaving all belongings to burn before their eyes, he said.

He said at around 2 pm when children were playing outside there, they saw some people came close to tents and sprinkle oil and flames covered entire tent city, turning it into ashes instantly.

Khoso said in fact it was a private property, we were requesting government to accommodate the families, as they have lost each and everything in the flood.

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