Pakistan hosts world’s largest Conference on Islamic Microfinance

LAHORE: Al-Huda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE) and AKHUWAT are organizing International Conference on Islamic Microfinance on June 13 (today), 2011 at Faisal Auditorium Islamabad wherein delegates from 12 countries will grace the occasion and 800 participants will attend this mega event.

The aim of this conference is to choke out the plan of poverty alleviation on national and international scale to lessen poverty, social welfare and to tackle other problems pertaining to it.

Delegates from Malaysia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Mauritius and other countries are participating in this event who will shed light on various topics of Islamic microfinance i.e. methodology of poverty reduction, Zakat, Shariah implications, Dard-e-Hasna, Waqf models, latest trends of Islamic microfinance, technological application of poverty alleviation, usage of Islamic microfinance in non Muslim societies and many other issues that will continue for three days.

It is noticeable that poverty has risen as one of the most crucial problems of the decade hitching fastest development of the countries on national and international level. It is the root cause of many social crimes like terrorism and social instability and poors are confronting problems as education, health, wages, food and social conflicts. Islam is the only religion that takes the responsibility of poverty alleviation as one of its main obligations. Zakat, Ushar, Waqaf, Fitrana, Qard-e-Hasna, Murabaha, Ijarah, Musharaka etc have the qualities to sustain society from the plague of poverty.

This is the major reason of worldwide recognition of Islamic microfinance as a sustainable source of lessening poverty from the society. It is a pleasurable factor that more than 20 lakh beneficiaries are taking the edge of Islamic microfinance worldwide. A mutual note will be issued at the end of the conference that will be applied to separate Islamic microfinance all over the world.

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