Pakistan dispatches first mango consignment to USA

Agriculture and Livestock General

LAHORE: Mango export to the USA was a dream of every one involved in the export of perishables and PHDECs consistent pursuance made it possible for Pakistan to dispatch the first-ever mango consignment from Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Dignitaries from US Embassy, DPP, PHDEC, and other institutions were present at the moment on the airport and consignment was dispatched under the guidance and monitoring of APHIS expert Ian Winborne.

According to a press release issued here on Thursday, PHDEC spokesman said that marketing team at its part feel proud for being a part of such an organization, this worked like a family to achieve this goal. We are proud for the confidence, which CEO Mr. Bashir Hussain showed in us. His prudence and timely decision making prowess was the back bone of the whole exercise and we feel fortunate for serving under such a personality who took care of each and every aspect of this exercise to the extent that he was present at AIIA at late hours to buck up his marketing team, he added.

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