Pak-China working group to discuss energy projects

ISLAMABAD: Pak-China Joint Energy Working Group (JEWG) will discuss nineteen energy projects in order to enhance cooperation in the energy sector between the two countries and meet future energy, water and power requirements in Pakistan.

The first meeting of JEWG will be held in Beijing (China) on 1-2 August 2011. Federal Minister for Water and Power, Syed Naveed Qamar—who is Chairman of the JEWG from Pakistani side—will lead the delegation for this important inaugural session.

Out of 19 projects, the Pakistani delegation led by Qamar will discuss four power generation projects of about 2297 MW, one coal power project of 405 MW, one project for development of infrastructure and mining and power generation of Thar coal, four projects of small and medium dams, five projects of transmission lines and power distribution, one project of alternative energy and two projects of geological survey of Pakistan seeking technical assistance, financing and Engineering Procurement Contract. All the power generation projects will complete within three to five years. Pakistan will also take up Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.

Syed Naveed Qamar said that through the JEWG, Chinese government, companies, investors and entrepreneurs will be invited and encouraged to participate in various initiatives of the government of Pakistan undertaken for the development of power sector. The government will facilitate and provide incentives to the Chinese for investment in water, power, and other energy sector projects.

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