Pak-Britain Trade and Investment Forum to Undertake Huge Investment in Mineral Sector in Pakistan

Islamabad: A delegation of the Business Mission from Pakistan-Britain Trade and Investment Forum called on the Prime Minister and expressed their determination to invest in the mineral sector of Pakistan to prove that Pakistan was an attractive destination for the investors because of its huge mineral potential.

The members of the delegation said that they had undertaken such ventures in the mineral fields in many parts of the world which were known as highly volatile and divided social set ups to the core.

The delegate said that their company had successfully undertaken the mineral projects in South Africa despite the situation in the country due to the racial discrimination and tribal feuds in the past. Such adverse circumstances are not unusual in the mineral exploitation business, they added.

The Prime Minister directed the Deputy Chairman Planning Commission and the Chairman Board of Investment help in identifying the projects keeping in view the interests of the economy of the country as a whole.

The delegation mentioned in their meeting that Pakistan was like a “hidden Jewel “ as the mineral potential of world class deposits of copper-gold, coal, gemstones had not been utilized for improving the quality of life of the people.

Mr. Nadeem Milk, one of the delegates, said that the Business and Investment Forum would prove to the international business community Pakistan as a gateway for the mega international companies operating in the mineral business.

Pakistan is not a dangerous place to business community and their visit to Karachi and today to Baluchistan is the physical manifestation of the commitment and conviction that the country is an attractive destination for the investors and they will prove it so to the world.

The members of the delegates were of the view that Pakistan had good infrastructure, social cohesion and young dedicated youth which were essential ingredients to undertake mineral projects bearing excellent prospects.

The delegation of Pakistan-Britain Trade and Investment Forum included Mr. Tim Holmes, Mr. Peter Tibber, Acting High Commissioner, Mr. Nadim Khan, Mr. Toby Mannock, Mr. Rudolph De Bruin, Mr. Ian McDonald, Dr. David Twist, Mr. Antony Dutton, Dr. Davis Twist, Mr. Gareth O’Donovan, Mr. Nadeem Khan, Mr. Pidgeon, and Ms. Saira Ahmad.

Mr. Saleem H. Mandviwala, Chairman, Board of Investment, Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haq, Deputy Chairman Planning, Mr. M. Younus Dagha, Managing Director, Thar Coal Energy Board, Mr. Irshad Ali Khokhar, Director General, Minerals, Ministry of Petroleum, and other high officials attended the meeting.

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