Over 34,000 children benefit from ERC Eid clothes project

Abu Dhabi, (IINA) – A total of 34,250 children have been benefited from the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) Eid clothes project worth about 3.1 million dirhams ($835,000) within the UAE, and in 60 countries around the world, WAM reported.

The value of the ERC’s Eid clothes donations within the country reached AED1.4 million ($385,000), which benefitted 2,500 orphaned children and children in need. The value of the ERC’s donations outside the country reached AED1.655 million ($450,000), which benefitted 31,750 orphaned children.

The clothes were distributed in time for Eid Al Fitr to orphans and children who are the victims of wars and conflicts in refugee and homeless camps, in areas that are most affected by these events.

The ERC has promoted its project in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and countries hosting Syrian refugees, as well as countries affected by natural disasters, especially in Africa. The project has touched the hearts of children who experienced the joys of Eid as other children in safer and more secure areas.

The project is one of the ERC’s vital seasonal projects for orphans, who represent an important part of society.

Source: International Islamic News Agency