No foreign company being favoured for LNG supply, Ministry clarifies

ISLAMABAD: Ministry Of Petroleum & Natural Resources, has clarified a report which appeared in some newspapers dated 18th October 2011 alleging that OGRA has avoided the pressure of government authorities for finalization of LNG Rules and have allowed stakeholders 10 days time for offering comments on the draft Rules. It has also been alleged that a specific foreign company is being favoured for supply of LNG.

It may be informed that the draft Natural Gas Regulated Third Party Access Rules, 2011 are being finalized by OGRA since April 2011 and Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources have been offering requisite comments on the draft proposed by OGRA.

This Ministry is of the view that the said rules need to be finalized expeditiously in consultation with all stakeholders in the wake of prevailing gas shortfall. However, no undue pressure has been exerted on OGRA in the matter.

It may further be clarified that the gas transmission capacity is to be allocated by OGRA to private LNG Developers in the light of said Rules and this Ministry has no role in the said process, therefore, the allegation of favouritism are baseless.

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