Newspapers review: Israeli police killing of Palestinian focus of dailies

The Israeli killing of a Palestinian during a raid into Shufat refugee camp in Jerusalem occupied the main front page story in the three Palestinian Arabic dailies on Tuesday.

Al Ayyam and al Hayat al Jadida described the killing of Mustafa Nimer, 27, in their headlines as “extrajudicial” killing, while al Quds described him as a “martyr.”

Al-Quds also said in its main front page story that rounds up Israeli measures against Palestinians that Israeli police detained a Palestinian woman in the vicinity of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque compound for alleged knife possession.

The deterioration in health condition of hunger striking Palestinian detainee Muhammad Balboul also occupied main front page headlines in the dailies.

They said that Balboul, on hunger strike for two months to protest his detention without charge or trial, was rushed to intensive care unit following loss in vision.

The official detainees’ commission has warned against Israeli attempts to force-feed Balboul.

Moreover, al-Quds and al-Ayyam highlighted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to host a meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow.

Al-Quds said, based on statements by Palestine ambassador to Moscow Abdul Hafiz Noufal, that Abbas has agreed to meet with Netanyahu but that “it is clear the Israeli government is still evading compliance with its obligations” to allow for such a meeting.

The Palestinians are demanding a clear Israeli commitment to a halt in settlement activities in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, and release of prisoners Israel had promised to set free in 2015 before any bilateral or trilateral meeting with Netanyahu.

The dailies said Netanyahu is considering Putin’s offer and is ready to meet Abbas “without preconditions.”

Al Quds said, quoting a report in the London-based newspaper al Sharq al Awsat, that Hamas is considering naming its leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, as head of the Islamist movement replacing Khaled Mishaal in elections planned for later this year.

It said Haniyeh is considering moving his family to live in Qatar, the base for Hamas leadership, in preparation for this move. Haniyeh is currently Mishaal’s deputy elected to this post in the 2012 movement elections.

Covering Czech Republic’s formal position on the status of Jerusalem, al-Hayat al-Jadida reported Czech Republic stating Jerusalem is the future capital of both states, Israel and Palestine.

Al-Quds and al-Ayyam reported Czech Republic announcement that it does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Highlighting the collapse of an under construction parking garage in Tel Aviv, the dailies said two workers were declared dead and scores others were injured in the collapse.

Both dailies confirmed reports that a number of Palestinian construction workers were among the injured.

Al-Ayyam said Gazans question Israeli allegation that World Vision’s Gaza director Muhammad Halabi had funneled money to Hamas.

The paper also said a resident of Bethlehem was killed during a fight in the city and police had arrested the culprit.

Source: WAFA