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KARACHI – ZRG team is celebrating the successful completion of a challenging project that required relocation of a mission-critical 24/7/365 customer contact center of Bank AL Habib to a new state-of-the-art facility.

The whole project was planned and carried out in such a transparent way that there was no downtime of the service for the customers.

Bank AL Habib has been making significant investments in people, systems and technology in order to offer more convenience to its clients and to its employees.

The fully redesigned facility of Bank AL Habib is located near the Clifton Beach, Karachi, an area known for its pleasant sea breeze. The place can be reached from many different routes and has public transportation available at the door steps.

The new state-of-the-art location of Bank AL Habib has been designed with a lot of care and considerations. It features a relaxing ambience and spacious and comfortable workstation for the staff.

The Noise-absorbing walls and floors are a great aid in maintaining a reasonable sound environment during excellent customer experience.

The dedicated Monitoring Center features an amazing Video Wall to cover all types of monitoring needs of the Bank. The dashboard displays are installed at key places to show the pulse of the operations to the concerned staff.

There is a dedicated area for Quality assurance and control team. And of course, there is a designated training space and multiple meeting and conference areas. The lunch and entertainment section provide a refreshing environment for the staff.

The business and technical teams at ZRG, Dialogic, USA and Bank AL Habib worked in a close liaison to design the project tasks and specifications. Proper arrangements were made and contingencies were planned in advance by the AL Habib Contact center team and ZRG.

Call traffic diversion was carefully activated with the server and user logins. Team members from all sides stayed in touch during the day and the night during the sensitive parts of the execution. As a result, all the required tasks were completed without any hitch and the project was completed in record time.

Mr. Amir Raza, DGM at Bank AL Habib, says; “Service industry always moves around the credibility and image of an organization. Recent times have evolved new challenges to the organization from which one of the core is to provide uninterrupted service which becomes most critical while shifting your operations from one site to an another. Here we would like to appreciate the expertise of whole ZRG team who made it possible to shift our operations with ZERO DOWNTIME which is commendable achievement at any ground.”

Mr. Ayub Butt, CEO, ZRG, says “This success was made possible due to the careful planning of the BAHL and ZRG teams. All required tasks and efforts were synchronized. Both sides worked with a mind set to overcome all challenges and produce successful results in shortest possible time. We are very excited with the possibilities that Bank AL Habib is going to be offering in coming days.”

Source: Pakistan Software Export board