Need stressed for political stability to improve economy

Islamabad, May 16, 2013 (PPI-OT): A delegation of Islamabad District Bar Association led by its President Dr. Syed M. Anwar Shah visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry to interact with business community on matters of mutual interest.

Welcoming the delegation members, Mr. Zafar Bakhtawari, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) said that election process in the country has almost been completed and it is time to move forward to address the burning issues of the country. He stressed that new government should give top priority to improving economy as Pakistan cannot make sound progress without turning around its sagging economy.

He said due to bad governance, corruption, inefficiency and many other factors, economy of the country has suffered badly causing closure of industries, outflow of capital and rise in unemployment. Therefore, the new government should focus on good governance and political stability which are must for economic stability and investment in the country.

Mr. Bakhtawari said that our neighbors China and India are achieving fast economic progress and Pakistan has to catch up with them to remain competitive in the region. He appreciated the efforts of Islamabad Bar Association in making contribution for the welfare of its members and betterment of society.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Syed M. Anwar Shah, President, Islamabad District Bar Association said that healthy relationship between ICCI and Islamabad District Bar was good for serving the common interests of their members.

He said our constitution guarantees free compulsory education to children, but unfortunately, the state remained unsuccessful to fulfill this basic obligation due to which about 30-million poor children remain out of school.

Syed M. Anwar Shah said that ICCI and Islamabad District Bar being the important segments of society should join hands to develop a strong pressure group that could influence the government for implementation of constitutional rights and economic policies.

ICCI former President Munawar Mughal emphasized for shifting district court set ups from F-8 Markaz to G-11 Sector as presence of courts and lawyers in this key business centre was badly affecting the business activities.

He said ICCI plans to call a meeting of trade associations to develop proposals for promotion of trade and industrial activities. for Mrs. Shaista Tabbassum Sltan Puri Vice President, Syed Shajar Abbas Humdani Joint Secretary, Mr. Qamar Inayat Raja General Secretary of Islamabad District Bar Association and Senior lawers M/s. Kokab Iqbal, Ch. Arif and others were also in the delegation.

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