National Centre for Dispute Resolution disburses $36.5 million in trade disputes

Karachi, November 18, 2015 (PPI-OT): National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR) has been instrumental in the execution of various cases of trade dispute and has released an amount of over US$36.5 million to various parties. The Centre mediates disputes of various nature including commercial, civil, foreign investment related and family disputes. The Centre has also resolved women related cases free of cost and has been involved in a number of social services.

Ismail Suttar on behalf of NCDR said that the NCDR would greatly help in resolve trade disputes pending for the last several years and hopefully pave way for the investment in the country. He said that hundreds of trade related disputes were pending unresolved and now with the help of Sindh High Court may be resolved very soon.

Ismail said that National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR) has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the High Court of Sindh (SHC). The MoU entered into will promote and support court-referred mediation. Under the MoU, NCDR shall continue with its initiatives and efforts in institutionalizing mediation with the assistance of the High Court.

According to the MoU, the High Court will cooperate with NCDR and encourage the judges and staff to do all things necessary, in a timely manner, to enable NCDR to carry out its activities. The Court shall provide workshops and seminars targeted towards the international trends and new techniques in case management for the judges through NCDR. The Court shall also apprise judicial officers of the latest mediation techniques through workshop and seminars arranged by NCDR.

NCDR shall be permitted to hold awareness events on Court premises and, inter alia, install and place NCDR, ADR and other mediation related awareness material. The Centre has sufficient strength of versatile mediators to resolve cases in a time-efficient manner by mediation. It is also the first and only mediation centre in Pakistan with mediators who are expert in both the facilitative and transformative styles of mediation.

This memorandum of understanding signed between SHC and NCDR is a progressive step towards implementation of the policy which the Government of Pakistan, the Superior Judiciary and the International Finance Corporation agreed upon in 2005. It is also part of the National Judicial Policy to promote the use of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Pakistan to reduce the burden of cases on the judiciary.

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