Most favoured nation to improve Pakistan ranking in international trade, Trade normalisation can unleash Pak true trade potential

Islamabad: The Pakistan Society Watch (PSW) on Sunday said MFN with India may help improve ranking of some cities in terms of trading across borders.

Some industrial cities are ranked lower in the World Bank’s Doing Business report due to distance from ports which may improve after enhance trade through land routes, said President of the PSW Syed Makhdoom Abbas in a statement.

Welcoming the expansion in positive list by Islamabad, he said that reduced import protections will help both nations.

He said that importing or exporting a container from Lahore or Peshawar through port required 9 documents and 20-22 days; the same processes need 7 documents and14 days in Malaysia and while in Singapore all it take is 4 documents and 5 days.

No wonder Pakistan ranked 73rd in the quality of port infrastructure while Sri Lanka ranked 43rd, Syed Makhdoom Abbas informed.

He said that automating clearance operations can check decline in exports facilitation and improve country’s ranking in Global Competitiveness as well as Logistic Cost reports. It will save money and time for the businesspersons and hike tax collections, he added.

He underlined the importance of reduce delivery time of goods through infrastructure upgradation, improved transportation, additional border stations, testing and warehousing facilities, simple procedures and reduced paperwork.

Trade is the only way to reduce political tensions which will improve living standards of majority of world’s poor living in the region, observed Abbas.

Some circles believe that a MFN status to India, if properly reciprocated, can reduce our dependence on the west and contribute towards strengthening democracy in Pakistan, he said.

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