More than 5,000 industrial units turn into sick entities: Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

RAWALPINDI: The president of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), S. Ali Raza Saeed Shah has expressed his concerns that more than 5000 industrial units had become sick entities.

Addressing a chamber meeting, he said that the situation was quite a worrisome matter for economy of the Country, incurring thousands of unemployment figures, while there are no chances of setting up of new businesses.

He also expressed his concerns that local and foreign investment had also died down, while government was busy piling massive amounts of over-printed currency, leading economy to abyss of disasters.

He said that business community couldn’t solely ameliorate economy, unless assisted by government, whose only remedy seemed to be limited to over loading masses and business community with taxations; and even that, while knowing the economic conditions, Country was passing through.

He stressed on holding EXPO centers and economic zones in Rawalpindi region as need of the time, and said that government should take serious steps to ameliorate the situation.

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