Mobile Commerce Company Mozido Announces Strong Global Growth in 2016

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Mozido, a global provider of trusted digital commerce and payment solutions, today announced it is achieving substantial global growth in 2016 with its Tokenization,¬†Remittance, PayEase Payment Gateway, MNO, Retail and Bank mobile Software as a Solution (SaaS) solutions.

“From our successful Tokenization implementation in key banks within Taiwan, to our PayEase Payment Gateway expansion into South Korea and Russia to compliment China, to the substantial user growth of our mobile retail solutions in Europe, to the launch of our international remittance service in Sri Lanka, Mozido continues to successfully execute on our strategic global initiatives this year,” said Todd Bradley, CEO of Mozido. “These commercial successes combined with the talented team we successfully attracted are fueling strong growth for 2016 and beyond.”

Mozido previously announced that 14 banks within the Taiwan Mobile Payment Co (TWMP) consortium adopted its pioneering HCE tokenization technology with the remaining 12 banks launching later this year. Mozido’s tokenization solution provides mobile wallet capability for TWMP that supports consumers with either HCE cloud-based or NFC SE based options. TWMP is one of the first significant HCE implementations globally to go to market with Mozido’s tokenization solution.

On August 8, 2016, PayEase, Mozido’s Chinese Payment Gateway, announced it finalized a partnership with KG Inicis, the leading South Korean payment provider, to provide electronic payment services for businesses and consumers within China and South Korea. This partnership adds to the existing PayEase Payment Gateway business that currently serves customers including governments, Banks, Universities and Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple, Amazon, Nike, Korean Air, HP, Burberry, D&G, Bally, Armani, TravelZoo, peerTransfer, Loro Piana, Nespresso, H&M, Yoox, China Telecom, as well as businesses within Russia, Japan and the US.

Earlier in 2016, Mozido successfully launched its international remittance solution linking the USA to Sri Lanka. Mobile customers of Dialog, Etisalat and Hutch within Sri Lanka registered with eZ Cash, the world’s first inter-operable mobile money service, are now enabled to receive international remittances through their eZ Cash mobile wallet.

“Todd Bradley’s strategic leadership of Mozido’s talented team has provided millions of global consumers with access to inclusive financial services, translating Mozido’s vision into reality,” said Michael Liberty, Founder and Chairman of Strategic Global Initiatives at Mozido. “I look forward to watching Mozido’s continued success in product innovation and execution to provide mobile users throughout the world with the financial services they demand.”

About Mozido
Mozido provides trusted digital payment and commerce solutions globally delivered as cost-effective mobile cloud-based solutions branded for clients. Highly interoperable, Mozido solutions work with virtually any wireless carrier and mobile device, and integrate easily with ads, offers, and other products from third parties. Mozido’s worldwide presence and global offerings include operations in the US, China, India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Europe and Latin America, enabling people to manage their money, payments and other services from their mobile phones. For more information, visit us at Follow us on Twitter: @Mozido.

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