Message from President of the Islamic republic of Pakistan on the occasion of 134th Birth Anniversary of Allama Iqbal

Islamabad: Today is the 134th birth Anniversary of our great poet and visionary who first propounded the concept of an independent state for the Muslims in South Asia, Allama Mohammad Iqbal. The freedom and independence of the people of Pakistan living as an independent nation is in no small measure due to the great vision of a great visionary Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

We need to comprehend Iqbal’s concept of the message of Islam.

The need for understanding Iqbal’s message has never been as great as it is today as Islam continues to be ruthlessly exploited by extremists and militants to foist their narrow political agendas on the people and thereby threaten the very existence of Pakistan.

The extremists and militants who take up arms for what they call holy war against anyone who disagrees with them are doing a great disservice to the religion and its teachings. It is against the spirit of Islam and Iqbal’s vision of Pakistan. It cannot be allowed; it will not be.

Let us therefore on this anniversary of Allama Iqbal resolve to rebuild Pakistan in accordance with the dream and aspirations of the great visionary. This can best be done by understanding Islam in the light of his teachings and refusing to let armed militants impose their interpretation of Islamic thought and morality on the people through guns and bullets. This indeed is the best tribute we can pay to Allama Iqbal today.

As we pay homage, to Iqbal let us reiterate our resolve today that we will not allow the religious extremists to tarnish the image of our great religion.

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