Merged Arif Habib Investments pays first dividend

Karachi: The four funds under management of Arif Habib Investments with collective fund size of Rs. 210.5 billion have paid a total interim dividend of Rs.6.27 billion for the period from July 01, 2011 to September 28, 2011.

Arif Habib Investments Limited announced 15% dividend which translates into Rs. 1.5 per share on its enhanced capital of Rs. 720 Million. It also declared interim dividends for mutual funds under its management till the period 28th September 2011, first 90 days of financial year.

The fixed income funds, MCB Dynamic Cash Fund & Pakistan Income Fund, having total assets under management worth Rs. 69.53 billion, declared 3.3774% and 1.6% dividend respectively which translate into Rs. 3.3774 per unit and Rs. 0.80 per unit.

Money market fund MCB Cash Management Optimizer, with size of Rs. 88.29 billion, declared 3.133% dividend which is equal to Rs. 3.1330 per unit. Metro Bank Sovereign Fund, a government securities fund which uniquely enjoys backing of three respected financial institutions of the country MCB Bank, Habib Metropolitan Bank & Arif Habib Group announced dividend of Rs. 1.53 per unit.

In best interest of investing public the company designed efficient and speedy process of payouts, where books of funds are not closed for even one business day and investors in funds can have uninterrupted access to their money. Arif Habib Investments manages 18 different funds with total fund size of Rs. 293.07 billion approximately, which makes it one of leading private sector fund managers entrusted by thousands of investors.

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