Manzoor Hussain Wassan visits SITE Association

Karachi, September 05, 2016 (PPI-OT):Sindh Minister of Industries and Commerce, Mr. Manzoor Hussain Wassan visited SITE Association of Industry. He was received by a large number representative of Industry. Mr. Junaid Esmail Makda, the President of the Association, during his welcome address, thanked the Minister for his visit and hoped that the problems being faced by SITE Industrial Area would be resolved at priority. He requested the Minister to pay particular attention to the Water Shortage, Construction of Lyari Expressway and Orangi Nallah Bridge.

He also pointed out the need for 5 Fire tenders and 3 Snorkels for the SITE Fire Stations. He also stressed the need to outsource the Solid Waste Management. President of KCCI, Mr. Younus M. Bashir, drew the attention towards unfair increase in the value of property in the SITE Area by the FBR and urged that being located in Sindh, it must be assessed on the rates given by the Sindh Government and not the Federal Government. H also urged that due share of gas must be provided to the industry to save it from extinction.

Ex-President Mr. Jawed Bilwani lauded the improvement in law and order situation in the city and demanded that Sindh Government must complete the construction of Lyari express way at priority. He also urged that Karachi Circular Railway must be restored along with Metro Bus Service. He pointed out that Coal Power Plant planned for Sindh has been shifted to Punjab. He requested the Minister to get special grant allocated in next financial year for the deployment of infrastructure in the SITE Area.

Dr. Arshad Vohra, the new Deputy Mayor of Karachi, expressed his gratitude for being part of the SITE industry and offered all out support and cooperation for the betterment of Karachi City and especially the Industry. Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala asked the Minister to revive the forum of Industrial Facilitation Board; where in the true representatives of the Industry could contribute their valuable suggestions positively.

He stressed the need for development of infrastructure and generation capacity by the K.E. in order to cope up with growing demands of Karachi Industry. He also pointed out towards, over staffing in SITE Ltd and the need for rightsizing to make it efficient. He also drew attention of the Minister towards urgent need of water treatment plant for the utilization of sewerage water by the industry. He requested the Minister to eliminate double taxation over SITE property in the form of Property Tax as well as Rent being charged simultaneously.

Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli, speaking on the occasion, welcomed the Minister and thanked him for taking his time out to come and join in the efforts for improvement of Karachi Industry. He asked the Minister to ensure provision of sufficient water required for the survival of Industry in SITE Area as per the MOU signed with Sindh Government. He told the Minister that the market value of property was updated after every four years by the Sindh Revenue Department.

FBR must follow the same value for collection of Property Tax in the Sindh. He urged the Minister to improve the Infrastructure in SITE Area at priority in order to revive the Industry. Now where the Army, Rangers and Sindh Government, all were on one page, the law and order of the City must be improved further.

In this regard, Police Reforms were must for its capacity building as well as efficiency enhancement. It could be achieved only through making it politics and corruption free. Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli suggested to Minister to form a Consultative Committee comprising representatives of KCCI and Town Associations for the revival and uplift of Industry in Sindh. He said this can happen only if the Minister takes ownership and feel responsible for this task.

The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Mr. Manzoor Hussain Wassan, expressed his gratitude for being invited to SITE Association and appreciated timely presence of the large number of participants. He expressed his resolve to work closely with all the stake holders for the revival of Industry in Sindh. He said that in 2013, Law and Order in Sindh was accorded top priority by PPP and all the other parties and the results were now quite evident.

He agreed that the Police Reforms must be implemented to enable it to shoulder its responsibilities. For the provision of Water, the Minister agreed that a fair and transparent system of equitable distribution to all the users will have to be put in place and Industry must get its due share to survive and thrive. For Solid Waste Management, he said that Sindh Government has allocated Rs. 10,000,000.

An efficient system was being put in place to ensure proper cleanliness of SITE Area. As for the fair valuation of Property in SITE, he said he would consult with the related departments for its early resolution. He said that PPP representatives in National Assembly and Senate, do raise their voices to devolve the powers and shares to the Sindh Province under 18th Amendment.

He promised to allocate Rs. 100, million for the widening of Orangi Nallah Bridge and also said that efforts were in hand to complete the Lyari Expressway by June 2017. He asked the Industrialists to develop Green Belt in front of their respective Industries. He also urged them to pay their outstanding dues to the SITE Limited so that the resources could be utilized for the improvement of Infrastructure.

He promised to the SITE participants, that revival of Sindh Industry were the top priority of PPP government. He urged the Industrial Community to also invest and develop the Industrial and Free Trade Zone of Khairpur as well being highly promising. He once again thanked everybody and promised to leave no stone unturned for the betterment of SITE Industrial Area.

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