Managing Director Sui Southern Gas Company visits Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Association of Industry

Karachi, February 03, 2016 (PPI-OT): The Managing Director, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), Mr. Khalid Rahman visited SITE Association of Industry for a wide-ranging discussion with the members and office bearers of the Association. The meeting was attended by large number of industrialists of SITE area.

In his welcome address, Mr. Junaid Esmail Makda, President, SITE Association of Industry underscored the point that SSGC is the vital part of a bridge between the policymakers and customers. He termed natural gas as the lifeline of the industry. Mr. Makda also demanded equal treatment to SITE Industrial Area in regard to the provision of gas.

According to him, in other industrial areas of Karachi, gas with full pressure is being supplied while in SITE industrial area gas with low pressure is provided. He demanded that dedicated pipelines of Supply of Gas for Industries should be separated from other consumers – commercial, CNG Stations and Domestic. He also requested to exempt SITE industries from the Sunday Gas Holiday to meet vital export commitments in time.

He also proposed that the lengthy procedure for Change of name as well as change of gas connection line / transfer must be eased and reduced. He also proposed that SSGC reviews their policy about enhancement of Industrial gas connections, regularization of gas load and regularization of captive power generation load.

President SITE Association, Mr. Makda also suggested that a focal person be assigned by the SSGC management to look into the industry’s billing, connection and other customer-related issues emphasizing that the trade bodies must be taken into confidence in any decision-making process which directly impacts the industry.

He said that our industries are one of the biggest consumers but unfortunately our relations with SSGC remain very weak and delicate at all the time. In order to strengthen these relations between SSGC and the Association, he suggested that an MOU should be signed for betterment of relation in the long run as this would resolves the dispute if any, then and there.

Discussing the ever increasing trend in gas prices he said that Industries could not afford frequent increase in gas prices as it is affecting the production cost and is rendering the local industries uncompetitive in the international markets.

Mr. Saleem Moosa Parekh, Former President said that separate pipelines of Supply of Gas for Industries should be separated from CNG Stations. He also said that this year issue of low gas pressure has decreased from last seven months. He proposed that before raid by staff of SSGC of industries involving theft of gas, at least Association should be informed and taken on board.

Mr. M. Jawed Bilwani, Immediate Past President said that our members have a query that those industrialists who purchase LNG should be not charged GIDC but this should be for only those consumers who obtained Natural Gas.

During the meeting, Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala, former President-KCCI and Chairman of SITE Association admired Mr. Khalid Rahman, MD, SSGC, for his leadership abilities and called him an honest and dedicated individual. Mr. Motiwala said that SITE Association’s experience with SSGC has always been positive and attributed it to the gas utility’s planning and operational competence.

In his short speech, Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala requested MD SSGC, to exempt SITE industries from Sunday Gas Holiday to meet vital export commitments in time. For this purpose so many members take stay from court. He said that the rate of late payment surcharge must be reduced and other gas consumers – domestic, commercial and CNG should be removed from the dedicated gas pipeline for industries of SITE. He strongly expressed that SSGC review their policy about regularization of gas load.

Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli, Patron-in-Chief, SITE Association of Industry said 15 years before SSGC worked professionally at their best level and nowadays their efficiency is decreasing day by day. He further said industrialists are good pay masters and they should get gas with full pressure 24/7.

Addressing the members and office bearers of SITE Association of Industry, Mr. Khalid Rahman, Managing Director, SSGC agreed with the contention that industry should be given priority amongst all consumers as it provides employment to the general masses. He said SSGC relationship with SITE Association has always been very good. He said that they are trying to deliver best services to all industries specially the SITE industries.

He assured to provide equally gas pressure to all industrial areas of Karachi and try to satisfy all the consumers of SSGC. He said that gas pressure has been improving because of LNG in our system. He said that it is the OGRA who makes revisions in the prices and advised the SITE Association to take up the matter with OGRA as he himself is against the frequent increase in gas prices.

Replying to another question, he said that gas is an indigenous product of Pakistan but its prices are linked with international prices to attract foreign companies to invest in oil and gas exploration and get proper return on their investment.

On the question of low gas pressure and delay in rectification thereof he sympathized with the industrialists and said sometimes it happened that due to low-pressure of gas in pipelines from the sources at Sui. However it is SSGC’s prime objective that the gas pressure remains constant and their consumers especially industries do not suffer unnecessarily.

He said that dedicated pipeline for SITE Phase one will be completed on March 2016 and second phase will be completed in September, 2016. He also constituted a two member committee for liaison with industrialists of SITE namely Mr. Saeed Ahmed Larik, Sr. General Manager (Distribution) , Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Sr. General Manager (C/S) who will visit SITE Association and meet members of the association last Friday of every Month.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Rahman pointed out that as a part of its long-term strategy, SSGC has been proactively playing the role of facilitator to achieve the ultimate aim of bridging the demand-supply gap. Mr. Khalid Rahman was accompanied with senior officer of SSGC viz. Mr. Saeed Ahmed Larik, Sr. General Manager (Distribution), Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Sr. General Manager (C/S), Mr. Haider Ali Talpur, General Manager (Measurement), Mr. Shehryar Kazmi, General Manager (Billing).

It was a large gathering. Besides the leaders of business community, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry, Regional Chairman APTPMA, Mr. M. Arif Lakhani, Senior Vice President, Mr. Asad Nisar Burkhurdaria, Former (SVP) Mr. Junaid M. Siddique, Former (VP), Mr. M. Farhan Ashrafi, Mr. M. Anis Mandavia, Mr. Naeem Ahmed Khan, Mr. M. Hanif Tawakkal, Members Executive Committee, were also present. They took active part in the deliberation and made the meeting very live and successful.

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