Lucky Cement earns Carbon Credits

KARACHI: Lucky Cement has successfully qualified for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol of United Nations through which it would be able to earn Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) Credits.

According to Alfalah Securities Limited, Lucky Cement has been able to reduce carbon emissions substantially through its Waste Heat Reduction (WHR) project which produces electricity for the plants through wasted heat and does not require any external fuel for power generation.

The overall reduction in CO2 emissions due to Waste Heat Reduction system at both Pezzu and Karachi plant accounts to 29,918 metric ton and 50,000 metric ton respectively and for which the company would get an incentive of one CER credit against one metric ton of CO2 emissions. The CER credits can be traded in the international market and can be used for the development of industrial projects in developing countries.

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