Kuwait calls for benefiting from advanced power technology in Arab world

Cairo, (IINA) – Kuwaiti Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Issam Abdulmohsen Al-Marzouq on Thursday affirmed the significance of technology transfer for development in Arab nations, KUNA reported.

Masterminding modern technology can be secured through cooperation with regional and international organizations and executing national overhaul schemes, said the minister in a statement as he chaired the 12th session of the Arab Ministerial Electricity Council.

He called for dedicating attention to rationalizing power consumption and raising the efficiency of the power installations, as part of the approach to upgrade the power sector in the Arab world.

Minister Al-Marzouq indicated that the Arab strategy for developing renewable energy (2010-2030) that had been adopted by the Arab leaders would be among the main topics of the session deliberations.

In 2016, Egypt and Saudi Arabia agreed on linking their electricity grid during 2017. The two countries had accomplished 14,000 megawatts in the electricity interconnection project, which primarily aims to boost the electricity-generating capacity of both countries.

The Arab power grid is projected to cost $1.5 billion and aims to exchange 3,000 megawatts through direct electrical lines. It includes construction of a 1,370 km link between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The link will include a 25 km subsea cable, which will cross the Gulf of Aqaba.

Source: International Islamic News Agency