Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has potential to generate 35000MW electricity

Peshawar: The Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ghulam Dastagir Akhtar has said that the province has the capacity to generate 35000 MW electricity form hydel resources and the provincial government is determined to exploit this option to expand its revenue space.

“We have already created a Hydro Power Development Fund with almost Rs. 18 billion as its initial seed money which is being gradually further enhanced to materialize the desired projects”, he added.

Talking to a visiting group of the participants of the National Security and War Course; currently in progress at Islamabad based National Defence University in Peshawar on Tuesday, the Chief Secretary made it clear that it is now a matter of time to launch new hydel power projects and we have a full fledged department to look after this sector of vital importance.

Referring to another point, the Chief Secretary also pointed out that a 20year plan for hydro power development is already in hand of which the prefeasibility studies have been redesigned after 2005. The next ten years, he said, is the target period during which the hydel power generation would get top most priority.

Talking on another quarry, the Chief Secretary said the province is getting Rs. 25 billion annually from WAPDA in shape of hydel profit which primarily is meant to spend for hydro power generation.

Referring to another question, the Chief Secretary said that the financial resources of the province, were further squeezed in wake of severe damages caused to infrastructure facilities because of earthquake – 2005 followed by militancy, terrorism and flood havocs and the government is also focusing upon rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure with which the fiscal space for revenue generation will also be further improved.

The resource base of the province, he pointed out, is in fact very limited and therefore, the government has to maintain balance between resources and the taxpaying capacity of the people, as far as taxation aspect is concerned.

Provincial Secretary P&D and the Director General, Disaster Management Authority were present on this occasion who earlier briefed the guests about the prevailing situation in the province as well as the future plans of action to improve the living conditions of the people.

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