Karachi Electric Supply Co synchronizes first gas turbine of BQ-II


Karachi: A Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) release here said the KESC has successfully synchronized first of the three gas turbines of the 560-MW Bin Qasim Power Station-II and plans to start commercial operation after completion of commissioning tests.

To sustain commercial operation, the BQ 2 facility requires a quota of 130 MMCFD, which had been earlier committed to KESC.

Following successful commissioning, the first gas turbine will add 115 MW of capacity to the KESC grid.

The second and third gas turbines will be commissioned in successive months to facilitate a total of 345 MW capacity addition to the KESC grid by September 2011.

CEO of KESC Tabish Gauhar said on this occasion: “With this unprecedented investment into the private energy sector of the country, we now stand vindicated in front of our customers who can see that our commitment to enhance our generation capacity has come true. This is a great moment in KESC’s history and this will open a new era in the private energy sector.”

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