Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry resents forced closure of pharma unit

Karachi: Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s President Mian Abrar Ahmad has expressed discontentment on closure of a pharma industry of Karachi owing to deaths in PIC Lahore due to drug reaction.

He said that due to closure of industry since 1st February, its exports are hampered besides leaving over 500 people particularly female staff unemployed.

He articulated that such incidents of drug reactions had happened in the developed countries which caused several deaths. Likewise tragedies happen; however, nowhere in the world such penal actions are taken to forcefully close down the industry.

He said it is general practice worldwide to impose fines and penalties rather victimizing and forceful closure. He said that the owners of the alleged pharma company be given fair chances to clarify their position allowing them to carry internal audit and investigation.

He also requested the Government to take a lenient view in this regard and allow the said old pharma company resumes its production for exports and to provide employment to its staff.

President KCCI voiced that billions of rupees have been invested in pharmaceutical sector and such penal actions of forceful closures and arrest of industrialists instead of imposing penalties and fines would give negative signals to the Pakistan’s Pharma Industry comprising of more than 400 manufacturing units which meets 70 percent national requirement of finished medicines and provide employment to more than 4 million people particularly female human resource.

The National Pharmaceutical industry had shown a progressive growth over the years, particularly in the last one decade and such forceful closure is a matter of discontentment and harassment which will have damaging affect on the entire pharmaceutical industry as well as the pharmaceutical exports.

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