Jordanian King: Arab unity, joint action will help address regional challenges

Amman (IINA) � Jordanian King Abdullah on Sunday welcomed a delegation of the Council for Arab and International Relations and discussed a number of regional issues and ways to address the challenges.

During the meeting, held at the Husseiniyeh Palace here, the King stressed that reinvigorating joint Arab cooperation and unifying Arab ranks at this critical stage would empower Arab countries to counter challenges, particularly in view of the global political changes, Petra reported.

He said regional issues, top of which are Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and the fight against terrorism, would dominate the agenda of the Arab summit Jordan will host later this month.

The King called for ending the stalemate in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process and re-launching grave and effective negotiations to open a political horizon towards reaching a just and comprehensive solution based on the two-state solution, as the only solution to end the conflict.

The meeting also tackled crises facing Arab countries and ways to address them, in addition to regional and global efforts to fight terrorism within a holistic strategy.

In addition, Jordanian King commended the role of the council, which comprises political experts in its membership, in presenting Arab views at the global forums.

Council chairman, Mohammad Al-Saqer, and members including former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, former Lebanese Premier Fuad Sanioura, former Jordanian Prime Minister Taher Masri and former Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa, hailed the King’s efforts to bolster and institutionalize joint Arab action, support Pan-Arab causes at the various global gatherings and achieve regional peace and stability.

In a press statement, Al-Saqer said the upcoming Arab summit is one of the most important such meetings as it takes place amid tough challenges posed by the Arab world. He said Jordan’s presidency of the summit would help it come up with decisions to boost joint Arab action, adding that King Abdullah is the most eligible leader to assume that role.

The Kuwait-based Council for Arab and International Relations is an independent, non-profit national institution comprising senior Arab figures and experts in Arab and international relations, and supports Arab decision-making by providing opinion and data.

Source: International Islamic News Agency