International media applauds achievements of Bahria Town

ISLAMABAD: Bahria Town, Asia’s largest private real estate developer, has been making progress not only within the country but the efforts are also being realised globally. International media like CNN, Newsweek, LA Times & Euro Asia Industry have all recognised Bahria Town’s achievement, says a press release.

Over a decade, since its inception, Bahria Town has been consistently delivering unique concept of residential communities and commercial projects, with futuristic designs and use of state of the art technology, these projects are way ahead of their time. What was initially a vision of Malik Riaz Hussain, CEO and founder of Bahria Town, has been a household name in every Pakistani home.

The media across the world is placing its remarkable success stories under headlines in print and electronic media.

The Newsweek magazine, in an article ‘Safe Behind their walls’, dated 23 February 2008, put a thorough insight to Bahria Town’s achievements, terming its developed projects as the safest communities not only to Pakistanis but also for the foreigners, stating that it offers amenities that go above and beyond those in many of popular gated communities from United States to Brazil. Article also highlighted the fact that Rival Pakistani developers have begun copying Malik Riaz Hussain’s vision, constructing their own gated communities in the suburbs of major Pakistani cities.

Following his disaster relief efforts for the 2010 floods across the country, Richard Quest in his prime show “Quest Means Business” on CNN on 30th August 2010, interviewed Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain & applauded his unprecedented support and efforts to the cause of helping the flood victims.

In this regard, he personally committed to give away a major share of all his wealth to charitable causes within Pakistan. Speaking of Bahria Town’s ongoing efforts for the poor, Malik Riaz Hussain said his company presently provides 150,000 free daily meals & free healthcare to 80,000 individuals, every day. His commitment for the rehabilitation of the flood victims through Model Villages constructed by Bahria Town out of its own budget has already been fulfilled with the completion of the houses in the first village at Kot Addu, other villages are also under construction.

Los Angeles Times in an article dated October 6, 2011 addressed Bahria Town as “a functioning state within a non-functioning one”, quoting the residents views, urging their government to take Bahria Town communities as a role model, where all the basic amenities most importantly the security is ensured for all the residents.

EuroAsia Industry, a UK-based industrial magazine, covered a detailed sketch of Bahria Town in its 2011, 7th issue. The essay titled as Bahria Town’s tagline ‘A lifestyle destination’ stretches over a generous 6 pages incorporating rich site pictures and a detailed essay shedding light on the projects of Bahria Town covering its history, modern gated communities, iconic projects, social welfare and achievements. Opening paragraph of the essay states:

“Bahria Town Pakistan, the largest developer in Asia, delivers a unique concept, residential communities and commercial projects way ahead of their time. It has successfully delivered several large-scale residential projects in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi, cities within cities, the widest road networks, extensive landscaping and the provision of medical and educational facilities of the global level, and all those facilities, which even the residents of developed countries crave. That is why, Bahria Town not only has the Real Estate division but also education, healthcare, hospitality, retail/ leisure & media business segments.”

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