Importance of Information Technology in promotion of business highlighted

Islamabad, June 07, 2012 (PPI-OT): Samina Fazil, founder President, Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) on Thursday asked women entrepreneurs to utilize Internet to expand their businesses.

Speaking at a workshop held to apprise businesswomen of latest tendencies in business, she said that cyberspace is providing advertising and networking opportunities to millions of businesses at very affordable price.

The Internet provides key benefits including wealth of information about industries, marketing, finding markets, getting information about consumers, latest spending patterns, and for studying other successful businesses at home or abroad, she said.

“You cannot ignore Internet anymore which is a gateway to a vast, global environment, offering a 24-hour, fast, low-risk means to reach millions of potential customers,” Samina Fazil told participants.

Search engine optimization has emerged as the cheapest ways to mass-market any business, she added.

She said that firms that Internet is imperative for people who want to grow their businesses, boost visibility, earn greater revenue and save money through online activities.

Samina Fazil informed that creating a website benefits businesses because people can market their products and services without using traditional marketing techniques which are costly.

A small business without a website may be able to compete only with other local businesses while running a risk of low customer growth.

Businesses can generate extra revenue by marketing the products and services of other companies on their websites, she said.

Samina Fazil also apprised participant of body language saying that body language accounts for over 90 per cent of a conversation.

Women entrepreneurs should focus on body language as selling face-to-face has immense advantage over selling by phone or email.

Participants were briefed in details about the importance of posture, gestures, hand-to-face movements, facial expression, and eye contact etc.

No one gets a second chance to make first impression and no customer has ever entered a business to please the shopkeeper, she underlined.

Women were also apprised of how to make an exhibition successful.

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