ICCI announces the establishment of Young Entrepreneurs Group-Pakistan chapter


Islamabad –– Pakistan’s future lies in the hands of its youth, young entrepreneurs can play a key role in economic prosperity as they are the backbone of a country’s economy and the engine that kept the society running.

Mahfooz Elahi, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) stated this on the occasion of the launch of Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG)-Pakistan Chapter of Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) which would engage the youth of the country for their positive and active participation in entrepreneurship landscape. The Young Entrepreneurs Group Asia-Pacific (YEGAP) was created during the 68th CACCI Council Meeting held in May 2004 and it has great pride that CACCI has announced the establishment of first YEG-Pakistan Chapter, Mahfooz said.

He said that young entrepreneurs could bring new business ideas which are based on “best practices”. Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG)-Pakistan Chapter would provide platform to young entrepreneurs, students and academic institutions to interact for the development and training for setting up their business, he added.

ICCI President said that this forum would initially focus on building youth capacity to understand various entrepreneurial issues, connecting youth of Pakistan with young entrepreneurs of the Asia Pacific Region for sharing of ideas. He said that this platform would create association with other local youth groups to come up with multiple ideas that can lead the nation to new heights of economic growth and development.

Shaban Khalid, former Vice President ICCI and Chairman of ICCI Young Business Forum highlighting the activities of Youth Forum ICCI and informed that Ministry of Youth Affairs has conferred Jinnah Youth Award to ICCI in 2009 on the basis of various initiatives for the promotion and development of youth entrepreneurship culture in the country. He said that Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has greatly supported entrepreneurship culture in youth creating strong linkage with the universities.

Waqas Masud said that YEGAP carried an agenda and plan of action for the purpose of encouraging more entrepreneurs from the region to take an active role in various sectors of the society, and also to have equal importance, in government, business and socio-economic sectors. He gave a presentation on the launch of YEGAP.

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